New Features

Check Behavior Changes

  • Pages that do not load within 120 seconds no longer cause a failure if a response code is returned
    • The browser will stop the page load (equivalent to the stop button), but the check will continue
    • Pages that take more than 120 seconds to load but do not return a response code will still fail (such as blackhole)
    • The 120 second failure can be re-enabled by adding a threshold monitor
  • Page source and full page screenshot capture are now done asynchronously
    • Taken immediately after a failure occurs, even if the page is still loading
    • More accurate debugging evidence
  • The check will now fail if interacting with an element that has another element on top of it
    • Previous Selenium behavior was inconsistent – sometimes would interact with the top-most element instead of the intended element
  • General

HAR Changes

  • Data now collected from the native Firefox Network Panel
  • SSL/TLS time moved from blocking to connect
  • Added _viewportWidth and _viewportHeight entries
  • Added _url
  • Removed 1000 request limit