Rigor is an external, synthetic web performance monitoring system that helps technical teams and business teams see the speed and reliability of websites, web apps, and resources over time. The Rigor app helps us accomplish two main tasks:

  • alert teams if a site or user flow becomes slow or unavailable,
  • report on the performance of a site or user flow over time

Rigor can also help us report on the availability or impact of third-party services, see how deploys improve or degrade performance, test our performance against competitors, and scan for broken or moved links on a site.

In this article we’ll cover some things to consider as we get started, and we’ll walk through the basics for creating checks in the Rigor app.

Log into the Rigor Monitoring app

Rigor is a web application. There is no installation necessary. A member of the team at Rigor can provision an account for your company’s use, or someone on your team may invite you to join an existing Rigor account.

When an account has been created for you Rigor will send you an email with instructions to set a password. Once a password has been set you will be able to log into the Rigor app at: https://monitoring.rigor.com

If you have not yet received an email invitation from Rigor to set a password, please request a Trial account or ask the Rigor Admin for your organization to create a new user for you.

When you log into the Rigor app you should see your User Settings in the top right corner of the user interface:

Rigor Dashboard

Create Basic Checks

Note: If you see that some checks are failing and alerting right away your site’s system may be blocking Rigor’s IP addresses. Check and make sure your team has whitelisted all of the location IP addresses listed here.

Add Selenium IDE to Firefox

Create Users and Groups

Admin users can invite new users to join Rigor. We can also group together Rigor users together who should receive availability alerts at the same time.

Read more about Users and Groups, User Roles, and User Settings.

Exclude Rigor from Analytics

Does your organization use a web analytics service to monitor traffic on your site? If yes, you may want to work with your team to filter Rigor from your analytics data.

Read more about Excluding Rigor from your Analytics.

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